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The Company

Established in 1990, TAR Ideal Concepts Ltd. has become a leading global defense contracting company.
TAR’s unique field experience is derived from its best of breed employees with extensive military backgrounds
and expertise in security, intelligence and emergency response procedures.

TAR’s diverse portfolio, enables us to provide our clients with an array of solutions,
technologies and training for the most complex environments.

The key to TAR’s success lies in our unique ONE STOP SHOP Concept, enabling us to supply Military,
Police and Special Forces with systems, technologies, equipment and protective clothing, tailored to meet
the specific requirements of a project. Using Best of Breed Vendors, all our equipment is hand-picked, and technically advanced.

From military equipment, hightech surveillance and intelligence solutions to access control, perimeter and gate solutions to ancillary installation materials, all integrated with leading edge Command & Control intelligence systems.

TAR Ideal Concepts offers training solutions and programs devised to meet the needs of our clients,
employing specialists with years of field and operational experience.
Partnering with leading global companies, TAR’s solutions are fully modular in design to allow system
flexibility, enabling us to provide fully customized solutions to meet all our client’s needs.

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   TAR provides equipment and training in the fields of:


   Bulletproof and Ballistic Protection.

   Riot & Crowd Control.

   Ground Forces & Tactical Gear.

   Weapons and Ammunition.

   K9: Attack, Drug Detection, Explosive Detection, Search and Rescue.

   Intelligence Gathering.



   Homeland Security.