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CBRN - Be prepared for next event




Over the last century the threats posed by CBRN have escalated, whether from man-made acts of war or terror using biological or chemical warfare to natural viruses that threatened to wipe out entire populations.

TAR IDEAL CONCEPTS has over 30 years’ experience in large scale military and HLS projects worldwide. With its unique ONE STOP SHOP Concept, TAR has the ability to provide a country, army or Special Forces with equipment, technologies and training, providing a complete turnkey solution from A-Z.

With the rising threats of terror across the globe, TAR has executed large-scale projects worldwide providing military, Law Enforcement and First Responders with innovative solutions and methodologies to prevent, mitigate and protect a country in the event of a CBRN attack.

Recently TAR completed the implementation of a significant project for the IDF, Engineering Core, equipping the Elite Core with the latest respiratory protection system. The air purifying system was designed to provide even more flexibility to the mask and afford greater levels of serviceability to regulate pressure SCBA mode when required. The revolutionary breathing system provides protection against chlorobenzylidene malononitrile, chloroacetophenone, ammonia, chlorine, sulfur dioxide and particulates at a high efficiency level (CS/CN/ AM/CL/SD/HE).

The TAR team recently demonstrated to the IDF a technologically advanced and flexible hybrid breathing system. During the demonstration a breaching module was attached to display the capabilities of cutting through metal rapidly and effectively.

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