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The maritime freight transport industry is at risk
Modern Day Pirates: What Can We Do?

For a long time, the word “Piracy” was considered a tale from the past. Pirates were depicted as caricatures: hardened criminals with a one-eye patch, a wooden leg, and a parrot on their shoulder. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series has made piracy a pop culture phenomenon. A humorous

Open Borders

Open borders between nations initiate many opportunities, but at the same time, present a unique set of threats to homeland security, public safety, economies, profitable trade, and international cooperation. Terror and organised crime groups exploit every means possible to expose open border vulnerabilities, actively seeking flaws and weaknesses in the

On-demand solutions for international refugee crises

What crisis management really means on-demand solutions for international refugee crises.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine triggered Europe’s fastest-growing refugee crisis since the second world war. Almost three million people have fled Ukraine and, the number of refugees is expected to reach five million. While some refugees will continue their journey to


The need to monitor and manage threats in real-time and execute surveillance missions requires direct access to the area of interest. The ability to rapidly deploy a ‘turn on and ready to fly’ unmanned aerial platform provides a distinct tactical control advantage to commanders on the ground. Whether it is

Maritime Piracy: A Call for Holistic Inter-Disciplinary Cooperation

The sea is a potential haven for criminals and terrorists to act unopposed by military or law enforcement efforts.  Highly-skilled pirate gang activity, armed robbery and financially-motivated kidnap-for-ransom schemes offshore are some of the maritime industries’ modern-day challenges, especially off the West African coast. On January 23, 2021 a Turkish


Since the dawn of times, independent communities put their sovereignty to the test by their ability to determine who enters their territories. We live in an era of rapid globalisation and open borders, where countries are regularly exposed to the risks associated with the dynamic, growing global traffic of people.


Due to the COVID19 outbreak and all of its implication, the whole world is currently living through a period of substantial economic challenges; out on the streets, the tide is rising and demonstrators are becoming violent in their attempt to be heard and vent their frustrations.  Social Media has enabled

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