Over the last few years TAR has trained and developed a new method of combat solutions for counter terror units, used by Special Forces around the world.

These new methodologies enable the Special Forces access to hard to reach locations and break into an area under siege or under attack, from unpredictable places: windows, roofs etc.

Not only does TAR specialize in training the forces we developed unique devices that allows the soldiers to use both hands during an operation, and penetrate a building or window, rappelling with one hand, whether left or right and maintain control of sliding speed. The device provides maximum safety measures, stopping automatically if the handle is released or pressed upon with force.

There is no need for a double length rope, since the rope is similar to the rappelling height. TAR provides rappelling training courses for the duration of seven weeks, during which time the trainees practice using the unique device-OMER1.

The trainees are taught the latest combat methods. TAR provides a complete solution to the Special Forces from training to supplying the equipment and clothing required. TAR has provides these services worldwide from South America, India to Africa and the Far East.

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