“Safe surfing has becomes a difficult challenge for individuals and organizations.

What is your business vision?
“That every household and company in the world will own a Cyber Box device in order so that for once and for all we can prevent the hackers’ attacks on civilians and organizations and keep our information and identities secure.” Anonymity: 85 percent of the surfers on the net don’t want others to know that they surf. Cyber Box enables absolute anonymity.
Surfing everywhere: With Cyber Box you can surf in locations blocked by territory. It makes it possible for the Chinese to access and surf Google and Facebook.

Every connection to the internet, via Wi-Fi or cables exposes the user to potential invasions of privacy, or may even expose them to ransomwares”, says Tomer Avnon, one of the owners of Cyber Box, which provides solutions for cyber security. According to Avnon, “the connection to the internet can become dangerous at any given moment. Governments are monitoring the traffic on the internet, companies plant spyware on every computer and cellular device and the hackers take control of computer systems in organizations and demand ransoms.’

How does Cyber Box cope with these
“Cyber box provides the end user with a small and convenient fixture with extremely powerful processing capabilities which neutralize threats on the end device, governments, hackers or companies.

Cyber Box was established in 2016 by Tomer Avnon and Yafim lerner, who served in several executive and technical posts in cyber and security companies. The company’s aim is to secure internet surfing.

Every successful assault of hackers on an organization starts with the end user, most identity or credit card information thefts start on the victim’s phone or computer, and therefore, we at Cyber Box, have developed a product that will
provide total protection to the end user so that no hacker or spyware will be able to access the end device. The product provides the user anonymous surfing, by using a unique algorithm which manages the IP address, so that a hacker or an
organization which is attempting to gather the user’s information will never discover the IP address. In addition, we have added security capabilities of a private network and a security wall, to make it impossible to penetrate the end device.
The Cyber Box works with all operating systems and interfaces with Windows, Android and Apple’s iOS. The Cyber Box is a small and convenient accessory, protecting communications from any location against all cyber-attacks.

And the hackers cannot penetrate the
phone or the computer?

In order for the hackers to be able to penetrate the computer or the phone, they need information such as an IP address of the device, or the number of the hardware’s address (MAC) of the network card. Cyber Box, keeps these data items hidden and changes the IP constantly, in order to block access to the device.

Why did you decide to develop a box rather
than software to be installed directly on the
Installing protection software packages on devices has not proven itself so far. People do not install Antivirus software and firewalls on their phones, and this is why we decided to develop a small and convenient fixture, which is external to the device and provides total protection to the device. This is already proving itself. The product, which has been met with a
lot of enthusiasm worldwide, will be exhibited at the ISDEF 2017 exhibition in June, and the company hopes to be exposed to new markets there. “We’ll have a big booth at the exhibition with demos and will be demonstrating the Cyber Box.

Six months ago, as s part of their business development strategy, BLER merged with the Avnon Group who have a diverse portfolio, which primarily focuses in the HLS, Cyber & Intelligence sectors. The Avnon Group acts as a technological accelerator in startup companies in the HLS, security and cyber sectors at all stages of the cycle.

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