Giving You a Head’s Up

Governments, corporations, and military and intelligence organizations all possess information that requires uncompromising security and confidentiality. Today, sophisticated technologies and equipment used by hostile organizations or spies, pose an increasing threat to Governments, Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies and private enterprises creating new challenges that sidestep traditional security practices.

TAR’S experts provide customized solutions that help secure national interests, and the confidentiality of the information flow. Our unique approach provides specialized military-grade strategies, technologies, and practices in a variety of fields from Cellular Interception Systems and GSM solutions to Jammers, Observation Systems, UAV, UMV and Tracking Systems.

TAR specializes in Cellular Interception Systems used by military security officers and defense facilities where cellular traffic is a must in order to prevent information leaking via cell phone or GSM cell phones. The system can be used in areas where use of cell phones is prohibited, e.g. prison compound. The cellular detector is a small device that can simultaneously detect: GSM, IDEN, Nextel, CDMA, etc.

GSM Interception

From military and national intelligence systems to industrial control systems and high-reliability communication systems, our solutions confront the evolving security threat that you face today.

Cellular Jamming & Detection

In the global war against crime and terror the smallest object proves to be the biggest threat- The Cell Phone! Used by criminal organizations for either communication or as a remote detonator for improvised explosive devices. TAR has a variety of solution for cellular jamming and detection. The portable cell phone jammer is remote controlled and fully digitalized, designed for field missions that can be used in a vehicle or independently when no power source is available.

The Growing Operational Demand for Persistent Surveillance

With many years of experience in operations systems and development TAR, sees the role of the ISR aerostat as a complementary addition to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Whilst a UAV is used for a whole range of ISR tasks, there will always be the need to protect fixed sites, such as military bases, temporary camps, strategic facilities and border crossing checkpoints. The need for constant surveillance is enhanced in a high risk operational environment with hostile civilians, where enemies can operate in clandestine.

As threats from Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) activated against military forces near military bases increase, there is a growing need for “eyes in the sky” The TAR-180 is ideal for these kind of operations, thanks to its constant, 360o, 24-7, presence above a protected area, providing high quality surveillance and automatic scanning. Furthermore, the TAR-180 presents outstanding tactical capabilities: it can operate up to 3 consecutive days with only a 30 minute re-inflation break after 72 hours; it performs in extreme weather conditions; has high mobility and a very small logistical footprint; is simple to operate and is highly cost effective.

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