One Step Ahead

TAR is responsive to the market’s needs, delivering first class projects to our customers; we are constantly working to keep a close link between practical applications and cutting edge technology. TAR is committed to providing the safest most innovative technologies, products and solutions and we are constantly researching the markets needs and developing products that meet all your public safety, security, and military requirements.

Over the last four years TAR has developed some exciting products and Combat Weapons Accessories together with one of the world’s largest weapons manufacturers, that are now been integrated into army and Special Force Divisions around the world.

TL5 – The Brothers Keeper

The TL5 Pro was developed by TAR Ideal Concepts in collaboration with the Special Forces and an array of military experts, designed to detect and identify friendly forces in enemy territory.

The TL5 signals the soldier by Infra-Red or using visual illumination that may prevent friendly fire situations. The TL5 Pro may also be utilized as a flashlight and is easy to activate and operate.

Unlike competitive models, the TL5 Pro IR mode is completely naked to the human eye. The marker is attached to the side of the soldier’s helmet using a universal clip that allows the Marker to be transferred to the weapon, vest, equipment bad etc. The universal clip also enables the operator to change the position, check or change battery without any need to remove the helmet and putting the soldier at risk.

TLG-1 – Weapon Target Designator

Designed to be used with (or without) night vision devices to engage enemy targets at night.

TLG-1 is a dual beam weapon mounted (MIL-STD 1913 picatinny rail) IR and RED aiming laser that activated by an two integral ON/OFF switches or by a remote pressure switch, the TLG-1 meets the most common military environmental specifications.

TAROS-X4 4X32 Prism Scope

The TAROS-X4 prism scope is a tough and compact “Close Quarters” optic, made expressly for tactical carbines. Its illuminated ballistic CQ reticle functions like an illuminated red dot. The scope is waterproof, shockproof, fogproof and fully multicoated lenses against visual impairment due to bright light/ sun glare.

The CRS scope was designed with a range finding reticle allowing the rapid estimation of range and RED/GREEN illumination

TLED-6 Tactical FlashLight

Military flashlight developed by TAR, the TLed-6 is now used and distributed as part of the weapon accessories by one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the Middle East.

LDR – Laser pointer for ELCAN Specter DR dual role optical sight

The LDR was designed to engage enemy targets at short distances by pointing the RED beam whilst mounted on top of the sight. The LDR aiming laser can be activated by an integral ON/OFF switch or by a remote pressure switch. This single, cutting-edge device provides fast target acquisition and delivers incredible shooting accuracy in ever-changing battlefield conditions.

Laser Specifications

 Laser Type / Power Output Visible Laser: <5mW
 Wavelength Visible Red Laser: 635nm
 Dot size (mm@10M) <10X12
 Accuracy of adjusting ±5 mRad in 2 axes
 Operating Temperature (°c) -10~+50
 Battery X1 – CR123A
 Range / Visibility (Night/Day) Visible Red Laser: 500m / 10m
 Material Anodized aircraft aluminum 6061 – T6

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