The illegal use of cellular phones in prison facilities is also a growing problem. With the use of cellular phones, Prisoners are able to continue their illicit activities from within the confines of their cells, plan riots as well as organizing escapes.

Prison facilities around the world face daily problems caused by cellphones smuggled by inmates: Inmates use cellphones to run their terror and crime organizations from within the prison walls often terrorizing or blackmailing citizens on the outside. Cell phones are being smuggled into prisons by visitors or together with prison food supplies. Cell phones are now being used to hamper investigations, coordinate escape attempts, coordinate riots with other prisons and interfere with daily prison routines.

TAR installed advanced Jammer system with technology specifically designed for prisons. The high power system has been approved by Prison Authorities and TAR has installed them in several large prison compounds in Central America, and Europe. In addition TAR was involved in a similar jammer project in Africa where jammer systems were installed within the vehicles.

Each unit of the OTN-1106P can be constructed to jam up to five frequency bands simultaneously. The jamming system used is constructed inside a special metal enclosure, incorporating an efficient «smart» cooling system with incoming air filters, which enables the system to operate continuously – even in hot climates – with no time limit. The metal enclosure is designed in a secure manner, to ensure that the prison inmates and non-authorized prison personnel cannot tamper with the safe and continuous operation of the system.

Activation and deactivation of the system is carried out only by using a Remote Control Unit. The Operator has the option to use the remote control unit to either turn on/off the full system or each frequency band separately. The system has an RF power output of 100 watts per frequency band. However, each unit is equipped with a power adjustment feature, to enable the system’s RF output power level (coverage distance) to be adjusted, according to prison requirements.

Each frequency band has its own high gain directional antenna (or optional Omni directional type) with up to 14dBi gain. The antennas are connected to the jammers via a 5 meter length (recommended maximum length) of low loss RF cable with N-Type connectors. Special (VSWR) circuit protection ensures that the jamming system will not burn out should there be antenna short circuiting or disconnection.

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