An IED is classed as a low-technology exploding mine, usually “homemade” that is usually hidden beside a roadway and set off using a variety of trigger mechanisms. IEDs can utilize commercial, military, or homemade explosive.

Over the last few years, IED’s have been the largest killer of American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, showing up with devastating effect in Pakistan and India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Colombia, Somalia and parts of North Africa. Widespread use of “flying IED’s were used in Iraq by extremists using such materials as propane tanks filled with explosives and powered by rockets launched from the back of a truck or from a cell phone.
TAR has over twenty four years of experience in the field, supplying Police and Army units with equipment and solutions that enable them to respond rapidly and effectively to any threat.
Planning, Designing and Engineering –Through detailed planning and design TAR has the ability to define assess the threats and physical security elements, to ensure the delivery of solutions that provides maximum security, safety and meets all your requirements.
As a ONE STOP SHOP, TAR delivers our customers with a fully integrated solution. Over the last two years TAR has implemented dozens of large –scale projects worldwide for a variety of vehicle missions for both the Police and Army divisions. Once the client has sent vehicle type, mission requirements and specifications we are able to identify and chose the optimum manufacturer and combine multiple products and suppliers integrating all the platforms to create a fully turnkey solution.

TAR works closely with the chassis suppliers, engineers to plan, design, and engineer the vehicle of your choice.
TAR implemented several large –scale projects in Asia, and Africa providing jamming Vehicle for Ground Forces, and the Presidential Guard to provide protection against road side bombs and remote detonators. The Jammer works by detecting and classifying radio signals that could be used to detonate an explosive. It responds in less than a microsecond, by transmitting jamming signals tuned specifically to that band. Taking a civilian vehicle

TAR installed a high-power, multi-band, vehicle-installed jamming system. The system provides a versatile ultraeffective, high-power mobile multi-band jamming system designed specifically for installation within any suitable vehicle. The system jams the RF frequency bands most used around the world, including cellular (CDMA, TDMA, GSM, HGSM, etc.), satellite, walky-talky (VHF/UHF) and computer network (WLAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) frequency bands.
In addition TAR supplied Ground Forces with the Hummer Jammer which was specially customized to accommodate a broad-band bomb jamming system which simultaneously covers the relevant bands of radio frequencies from 20MHz to 3000MHz. The driver/operator may choose to jam or open each particular frequency band, as required.

In 2012 TAR supplied VIP governmental officials with customized luxury vehicle, equipped with a fully-integrated broadband jamming system. The system installed was designed to cover, continuously and simultaneously, the RF communication frequencies most widely used by terrorists to detonate road-side bombs.

Using the latest jamming technology, the fourth generation jammer has an ultra-high overall RF transmitting power of 1575 watts. The operator’s remote panel is located near the driver to provide quick access and full system control. The internal RF protection shielding provides full safety to both the driver and passenger.

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