Cities are growing rapidly as over half of today’s world population inhabits urban areas. This dense urban reality, where people by the millions move in and out of cities on a daily basis, creates a growing burden on urban infrastructure and resources, alongside the new challenges that arise in the ever-evolving urban landscape. In order to address this complex reality, governments and urban authorities are required to take a proactive holistic approach to keep cities safe.

The past decade demonstrated how global vicissitudes project local challenges. This unlocks endless opportunities, but at the same time poses new threats to the security, safety and wellbeing of people. Expected and unexpected factors impact cities, forcing urban stakeholders to adopt collaborative approach which facilitates coordination and cooperation of the urban authorities. TAR delivers end-to-end solutions for safe and smart city that integrate advanced monitoring systems, intelligence platforms, control centers, communication technologies and innovative products. They are modular and easily adaptable to rapid changes within the urban environment, enabling municipal entities meet any challenge, effectively manage the city’s daily routine functions, and maintain the daily life uninterrupted.
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