Staying ahead of the evolving threats is vital to public safety. TAR’S HLS Division is committed to providing our clients with the capabilities and know-how that will enable them to secure their country from within. We develop and deliver holistic bespoke solutions to meet the specific threats of your country by seamlessly integrating systems with next-generation technology. As a world-renowned integrator, we provide national public safety solutions that encompass; security, communications, intelligence, and cyber systems.


With three decades of experience, our HLS experts have a deep understanding of internal security and the need to provide a holistic approach. 


We develop bespoke solution that meet the specific operational threats of your country, seamlessly integrating existing systems with next gemeration technology. We are commited to providing country-scale public safety and defense solutions which encompass security, communications, intelligence and cyber systems ensuring that you are fully prepared to deter future threats to your country’s safety.


  • Safe City Management Platform
  • Monitoring & Analysis
  • Strategic Infrastructure Protection
  • Airport & Port Protection
  • Border Protection & Critical Assets


In the unfortunate event that a terror attack or disaster strikes, preparation is crucial, every second counts and interoperability between the different First Responders and organisations is vital in minimising loss of lives.


As part of our HLS Concept, we ensure that your FR’s are equipped with the most up to date technologies, transportation, communication, personal equipment and protective clothing.  Keeping up to date with the latest methodologies and procedures is an integral part of ensuring your team is able to respond rapidly and effectively during a mass event. Our experts provide training courses and workshops tailored to fit the specific needs of each individual unit.

  • Search & Rescue
  • Mass Casualty Response Vehicles
  • Life Locator
  • Open Breathing Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Independent Network Communications
  • Early Warning Systems
  • Tsunami Detection Systems
  • Equipment for FR’S
  • Vehicles customized to specificaion
  • Protective Clothing
  • Training & Procedures