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In recent years, the threat of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRNe) attacks have increased, particularly by organised crime or terrorist cells that take advantage of the relatively easy access to these substances.
If in the past chemical weapons were used in armed conflict by state actors, these days we are witnessing terror organisations and non-state actors using dirty bombs in city centres, contamination of food and water supplies, or toxic and radioactive materials for assassination. The proximity of CBRNe reservoirs to urban areas put civilians at significant risk due to the potential malfunctions resulted from an accident or deliberate sabotage and the rapid spread of substances in the air. The potentially devastating impact on human lives and the environment depends on HLS organizations’ capacities and first response units to rapidly respond, manage, and recover from CBRN incidents. TAR offers a comprehensive CBRNe solution to detect, identify, analyse, and manage CBRNe incidents, ensuring first responders are equipped with the most advanced technology and the latest operational methodologies. TAR’s integrated CBRNe solutions cover the entire timeline of a CBRNe incident, integrating stationary and mobile platforms for detection, decontamination, transportation and management. We provide a unique set of operational capabilities to security agencies, military forces and industrial facilities, enabling them to effectively mitigate CBRNe threats and keep people, assets and the environment safe.
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A diverse range of portable/wearable, vehicle-mounted and ground laid sensors for the detection and identification of:

  • Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs)
  • Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)
  • Radiological and Ionizing materials
  • Explosive Materials


CBRNe detection robot and drones for mission extension, increasing the crew capabilities and reaching inaccessible areas.
Electro-Optical and Thermal Imaging, personal or vehicle-mounted, for increased situational awareness during CBRNe incidents.
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Dedicated mobile platforms with improved terrain passability and a fully sealed cabin equipped to develop high interior barometric pressure (vs outdoor pressure) to prevent any polluted/toxic air penetration to the interior cabin and protect the crew during the mission. The vehicles are designed and equipped with appropriate storage and fast offloading of the mission equipment, independent communication for Command & Control, search & rescue tools, as well as transmission & cloud-based recording of real-time data findings and field analysis.
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CBRNE Solutions 7
Real-time transmission to a cloud or to a Command Center of the aggregated detectors output, designed to provide decision-makers with comprehensive situational awareness and event management capabilities.
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CBRNE Solutions 9
Rapid initial analysis for a broad spectrum of biological, chemical, radiological and explosive materials with dedicated storage sample kits for further analysis.
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CBRNE Solutions 11
Personal and mass decontamination equipment, including ad-hoc inflating showers, highpressure Compressed Air Foam (CAF) tools, and more.
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CBRNE Solutions 13
A complete PPE offering with lifesaving equipment including full-body protection, radiological protection garments, body cooling systems, hands and feet protection, respiratory systems, and wearable personal health monitoring set.
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Optimized solution architecture
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Training and Methodology

TAR’s bespoke security solutions are field-proven, innovative and cost-effective. We continuously collaborate with our customers to deliver up-to-date protection, ensuring the uninterrupted continuation of daily life so that they can grow and prosper.

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