Joining the global war on the Novel Coronavirus, TAR offers integrated technologies to monitor and contain potential carriers. From decontamination systems for transportation, hospitals and isolation areas, to protective clothing, equipment and procedures to safeguard the general population and the people working to save lives.


During an event CBRN units and First Responders are under great duress. Our job is to ensure that they are completely protected and remain safe during a mission.

TAR provides a full range of personal protective clothing and equipment that allows personnel to work in a contaminated area to contain and minimize the adverse effects of CBRN agents

The use of suitable PPE, protects and prevents CBRN personnel from exposure to chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical and airborne particulate matter, that could cause

physical injuries.


Using decontamination methods is vital to prevent infection to medical and emergency services and the general population in areas of risk contamination, such as public transport and public areas.

TAR offers a wide range of decontamination facilities for temporary hospitals and isolation units, Comprehensive solutions for decontamination of public areas, medical facilities and public transport.


We provide a range of solutions and technologies for transportation to help prevent the spread of the virus. from biological filtration systems and mobile decontamination solutions to customised CBRN vehicles designed to provide the CBRN unit with a complete mobile solution to deal with hazardous substances/CBRN threats. 


One of the biggest challenges for countries profoundly affected by the Coronavirus is its ability to provide medical care. With thousands of the population infected by the virus and requiring hospitalisation, hospitals are collapsing under the pressure due to insufficient medical personnel, a lack of medical equipment/supplies and overcrowding in the wards effecting all departments.

 Implementing emergencies procedures, stocking up on equipment and protective clothing and breathing apparatus in advance will go a long way in supporting your facility ability to function at full capacity.TAR provides a wide range of equipment and systems for hospitals that help protect medical teams and patients from further infection.

-Ventilation & NBC Filtration Systems

-Portable Isolation Chambers & ICU

-Portable Clean Rooms

-Mobile Ophthalmic Operating Room

-Biological Filtration Systems

-High-level Protective suits for medical teams, Ambulatory Services and First Responders and more.


Using isolation methods is vital to prevent infection to medical and emergency services and the general population in areas of risk contamination, such as public transport and public areas.
TAR offers a wide range of isolation facilities for temporary hospitals and isolation units. Temporary decontamination stations provide simultaneous decontamination of up to 150 personal. The station includes a shower, wastewater, drain pump, tanks etc.).


Containing infectious waste, and radioactive materials are vital to the safety of medical staff and FR’s. 

The use of bio-hazardous containers for contaminated waste helps to prevent cross-infection.



Despite the Coronavirus, flights are still operating. Implementing thermal imaging cameras and sensors in strategic locations at airports and check points enables authorities to screen large amounts of travellers for viral infection indicators, enabling them to contain suspected carriers.




With open borders and global inter-connectivity, passing between countries is relatively easy. While in routine times, this certainly makes life easier, during a pandemic such as the Novel Coronavirus this facilitates the spread of the virus at a faster rate.
Once a passenger gets off the aircraft, he can travel to multiple destinations leaving authorities with no way of knowing if they have visited an infected area.

TAR’S OSINT platform empowers authorities to monitor the travel activities of a person and ascertain whether the traveller has visited high-risk areas that infected with the Novel Coronavirus. Once the outbound traveller passes through border control, the system receives an alert. The open-source intelligence platform allows authorities to gather intelligence from social networks, forums and blogs, from a pre-defined date up to their date of return. If the person has travelled in a high-risk area, the system sends an alert to the border authorities, allowing them to contain the person when they debark from the aircraft preventing further contamination in public areas

• Carries out the entire Open Source Web lntelligence process -collection, analysis and reporting.
• Provides cost effective and an easy to use targets profiling capabilities -rapid results without relying סח highly skilled analysts
• Collects mass amounts of information from social networking sites, forums, blogs and others. lncludes integrated native darknet accessibility
• Advanced analytical capabilities -highly responsive during complex big data analysis
• lntroduces unique virtual HUMINT approach approach-supports native desktop & mobile environments for each avatar
• Stealth and Secured- End to end network source anonymization and encryption


The continually changing guidelines to take severe precautions are putting technology to the test. Drones, UAV’s, and robots are being pressed into service as the world looks for the safest possible ways to stem the spread of the virus. From keeping tabs on citizens’ body heat in this time of crisis, to air quality monitoring, contactless disinfection of widespread areas and medical delivery, Tar offers a wide range of autonomous solutions for multiple applications to maintain the civilian security and wellbeing.

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