critical infrastructures PROTECTION ONSHORE/OFFSHORE



Critical Infrastructures are vulnerable to a wide range of physical  threats such as industrial disasters and physical or cyber-attacks  from criminal and terrorist organisations. The introduction of IoT  devices has rendered critical infrastructures even more vulnerable  to cyber-attacks. These attacks have the potential to not only  disrupt operations, causing physical and economic damage, they  also pose a potential threat to public safety.




Powered by advanced technologies, TAR provides a holistic  solution to protect both on-shore and off-shore critical assets.  Seamlessly integrating a wide array of sensors and technologies,  our integrated Command Control Mmanagement Platform  creates a unified hub, enabling security operators to monitor both  external perimeters and internal systems. TAR’S experts take care of the entire project, from the initial  on-site analysis to the planning, design and implementation.  We will ensure that you facilities are equipped with advanced  technologies, equipment and procedures, ensuring the safety  and security of the site, your employees and the surrounding  communities.



■Access Control Systems And Devices



■Detection Sensors

■Underwater Detection Sensors

■Mobile Patrol Vessels

■Aerial Surveillance

■Acoustic Sensors

■Electro-Optical Devices


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