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Critical Assets are essential for the function of nations and hold global economic significance. A crippled critical asset can become a national and financial disaster for commercial and state interests, rendering them attractive targets for criminal and terrorist attacks.

TAR’s unique approach for critical assets protection focuses on the proactive management of threats from within the perimeter and way beyond. With extensive operational experience, TAR focuses on protecting onshore, offshore and coastal oil & gas facilities, power and water plants, correctional facilities and more.

Powered by advanced technologies, in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities, and direct and immediate access to the world’s leading suppliers, our solutions are modular and easily adaptable to rapid changes within an asset environment, ensuring protection, well-being of employees, operational facilities, and the surrounding community.

Successfully deployed worldwide, TAR’s critical assets security solutions provide maximum protection, facilitating uninterrupted production and operations

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Fixed and mobile sensors including electro-optics-, short and long-range land and maritime radars, intelligence gathering sensors, and more.
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Big data analytics
A user-focused, data-driven platform that gathers and analyses structured and unstructured data from diverse sources, helping decision-makers on micro and macro levels mitigate risks, make informed decisions and optimise resources.
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A multi tenancy solution – from a stand-alone to hierarchical array, from a single authority to multi-agency platforms, and from local to national management.

Intelligence – contains powerful, scalable and easy-to-use intelligence platforms that collect, integrate, and analyse structured and unstructured data from sensors, databases, open sources, transforming it into actionable insights.

Cyber – manages the entire threat lifecycle, providing actionable, real-time insights to enable early detection, immediate response and fast recovery from cyber attacks

Our C4I platform gathers information from diverse sources; it is easily integrated with local and external databases, works hierarchically with several operational echelons, interfacing and tying together all sub-systems, combining Big Data Analytics for more accurate task-oriented insights.
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Perimeter awareness

Integrating smart fences, advanced gate complexes, concrete walls, land and sea barriers, mobile land and aerial surveillance platforms to create a rigid physical barrier.

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Offers a suite of advanced software and hardware systems. Integrating AI authentication capabilities, such as facial recognition, biometrics, and LPR systems, with cameras, x-rays, and video analysis, enables facility operators to monitor and control employees, vendors, visitors and vehicles access in and out of the site.
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Enhances emergency response systems and first responders’ performance by integrating existing operational, surveillance, and dispatch systems with ad-hoc deployments of mobile sensors and communication components.
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Aerial Surveillance,
reconnaissance & PROTECTION

Surveillance and reconnaissance – scalable UAV platforms, customized to meet specific tactical requirements. It is compact, portable and fully autonomous, operates in synchronized swarm formation to increase coverage, and tracks and locks on moving targets.

Protection – fully operational multi-layer anti-drone solution, with modular systems that provide 360° coverage and on the move capabilities to enhance the reach and performance of on-ground forces.

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Mobile platforms
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Optimized solution architecture
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Training and Methodology

TAR’s bespoke security solutions are field-proven, innovative and cost-effective. We continuously collaborate with our customers to deliver up-to-date protection, ensuring the uninterrupted continuation of daily life so that they can grow and prosper.

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