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The threat of Explosive Improvised / Ordnance Devices has become widespread, causing an immense challenge to Law Enforcement, Military and Bomb Disposal Units tasked with protecting civilians and swiftly disposing of explosive devices with minimal risk to human life.
Bomb disposal units, working in extreme and harsh environments, must rapidly identify potential explosive threats and are responsible for their safe removal, secured transport, storage or disposal. At the same time, professional bomb disposal units are required to operate in a complex and challenging threats landscape. To rapidly respond and manage life-threatening events, the units’ operative mode must be effective yet flexible, ensuring the highest level of operational readiness and the ability to operate quickly with maximum protection and minimum risk to human life or property. Over the years, TAR delivered integrated IED/EOD solutions, providing bomb disposal units with advanced technology, equipment and operational methodology. TAR’s solution incorporates design, planning and integration of a wide range of sub-systems, tactical equipment and tools for all aspects of explosive ordnance disposal to ensure that bomb disposal units are fully prepared for the most challenging scenarios.
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IED/EOD Solutions 2
IED/EOD Solutions 3
Customized vehicles designed to meet the customer’s specific challenges, fully equipped with a wide range of mission-oriented tools for safe removal, secured transport, storage or disposal of explosive devices.
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IED/EOD Solutions 5
Robot platforms – designed and built in diverse form-factors to address a wide range of operational needs.
IED/EOD Solutions 6
IED/EOD Solutions 7
Mine detectors, non-linear junction detectors, high selective explosive detectors, ferrous detectors, and K9 explosive detection.
IED/EOD Solutions 8
IED/EOD Solutions 9
Portable X-Ray scanner, videoscope, electronic statoscope, telescopic mirror kit, under vehicle and portable vehicle inspection kits.
IED/EOD Solutions 10
IED/EOD Solutions 11
Neutralization tools, disruptors, bomb containment (including gas-tight) vessels, jammers and more.
IED/EOD Solutions 12
IED/EOD Solutions 13
IED/EOD suits, cooling suits, UXO suits, various helmets and visors, wired and wireless communication solutions.
IED/EOD Solutions 14
Optimized solution architecture
IED/EOD Solutions 15
Training and Methodology

TAR’s bespoke security solutions are field-proven, innovative and cost-effective. We continuously collaborate with our customers to deliver up-to-date protection, ensuring the uninterrupted continuation of daily life so that they can grow and prosper.

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