Fire fighting solution

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Fire fighting

The number of fires worldwide is rising dramatically and present an unprecedented challenge that increases the potential of massive damage to human life, infrastructure and the environment.
In response to the escalating fires and global warming, TAR offers a comprehensive firefighting solution. Firefighting professional services TAR’s firefighting solution integrates surveillance and inspection systems for early detection, continuous monitoring and fast response capabilities, enabling decision-makers to manage events effectively, with minimum risk to people, property and on-ground forces.
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We provide a wide range of fixed and mobile sensors that enable early fire detection and provides an accurate geo-location, fire progress speed assessment and direction before the arrival of firefighting first response units.
Fire Extinguishing Measures
Fire extinguishing measures
TAR offers a wide range of light and heavy mobile platforms designed for improved terrain mobility. The vehicle platforms are designed to carry firefighters and their entry gear, onboard water tanks, hoses, fire extinguishing and light rescue equipment.
Firefighting aerial platforms, including aircraft and helicopters equipped with retardant/extinguishing powder, foam concentrates, water hogs, and more.
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Surveillance & inspection UAS
Unmanned aerial platforms for the surveillance and of inspection areas during routine and emergency – for detection of bush and forest fires, location, progress monitoring, real-time imaging, emergency forces monitoring and smart deployment.
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Command & control
The Command & Control platform collects, integrates, and analyses structured and unstructured data from sensors, databases, open sources and more, transforming it into actionable insights. The Command Centre can be equipped with a sim table to enable decision-makers to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, dispatch and deploy forces and optimise resources in real-time.
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Ppe – protective personal equipment
We offer a complete range of PPE lifesaving equipment, including full-body protection, body cooling systems, hands and feet protection, respiratory systems, and wearable personal health monitoring set.
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Optimized solution architecture
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Training and Methodology

TAR’s bespoke security solutions are field-proven, innovative and cost-effective. We continuously collaborate with our customers to deliver up-to-date protection, ensuring the uninterrupted continuation of daily life so that they can grow and prosper.

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