Disasters know no borders. Differences in goals, technologies used and approaches often complicate communication between the different authorities, organisations, and emergency services. The continued vulnerability of a country effectively managing a large-scale disaster lies primarily with the failure to implement essential lessons learnt from previous large-scale domestic disasters. For the last 30 years our experts have been helping governments and First Responders across the globe to implement effective management in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. TAR offer next generation solutions for communications and mobility providing the First Responders with specialized tools and inter-linked communications of all entities and emergency response services.


TAR control system platform

Brings the event from the field to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Getting real-time information from the field can only be turned into useful intelligence if it is processed efficiently. Our design allows dispatchers to automatically receive the highest quality reports from users during major events, ensuring the best information is being relayed to dispatchers. The Live Map will give call takers a clear overview of reports and their location, assisting in making fast and advanced decisions. With TAR at their fingertips, command and control center managers will be able to control a wide area, while prioritizing and routing calls to the appropriate dispatchers faster and more efficiently.




TAR live platform


Call Takers who have TAR-control calls routed to them have instant access to crucial information that provides them with a clearer picture of events. In addition, to live video at the scene of critical events, the TAR-Control System provides dispatchers with reporter personal details, pinpoint location and reliability ranking. These details are an essential part of prioritizing calls for service and resource allocation. The live feed from events occurring in real-time along with reliable reporter information allows dispatchers to make more effective decisions.






Our TAR- Records system is a key component of the TAR- Live platform, which enables deep diving into the entire status of each event recorded through the systems. By navigating between tickets, viewing past events and examining the profile of each of the records. The c-Records enables decision makers to accurately analyze the past and present behavior of their callers, react accordingly, and in time predict future patterns. This tool is essential in optimizing planning and strategy







Communication connectivity- the system to support continuous, communication connectivity between users- by voice, data and images. TAR’S concept includes the establishment of a private data-connection channel, a primary wireless network that serves all the event participants (field and sector commanders, sector commanders and HQ location and crises management personals).

The TAR Mobile solution system is a 360-degree micro mobile network solution that enables first-responders to quickly setup voice, data and SMS services in disaster prone areas. The TAR Mobile solution system comes in a ruggedized packaging, can be easily hand-carried and set up quickly in a few minutes. It has an integrated battery for operations up to 8 hours with an option to re-charge from any AC or DC source.




The following services can be immediately enabled for

first responders:

■Standalone, Self-Contained Network

■Full Duplex Voice

■Multiparty Conference Call

■SMS Messaging, Group SMS


■Set up local command/relief office with VoIP/Analogue phones

■5mtr Tripod with footpump

■Instant Field Office (IFO) – PBX functionality and WiFi

■Connect VoIP/Analogue phones

■Power pack (for up to 8 hours of operation)


For First Responders, Government agencies, aid agencies:

■Reconnect: connect instantly by creating an independent, private network for aid workers

■Rescue: search and rescue disaster-affected population through mobile phone signals

■Restore: restore mobile connectivity and provide actionable information to aid authorities




The BWC solution allows live-view of any events as it occurs. Its intuitive user-interface allows immediate streaming of the event, with the push of a button, while the C&C receive the location and live-feed from the user.

With the live video and audio streaming – the Officer managing the event have a complete situational awareness and can make the most informed decision.

■Live Streaming

■Geographic Information System

■Push to Talk over Cellular


The Command & Control HQ ensures communication and dissemination of information between the different First Responders enabling them to allocate resources quickly and effectively.

RESCUE command & control VEHICLE

video monitoring


The Video Monitoring module is employed to accommodate for diversified Video Surveillance requirements. The extended viewing capability offered by the Video Monitoring module is assigned to a single operator environment or shared between several operators.



The proposed Satellite backhauling service employs a wide variety of satellite communication

technologies, thus allowing optimal customization and flexibility of solutions to immediately

and seamlessly deploy for the Mobile Command and Control system.



 SAR Skills for the Emergency Responder: Basic Skills and Knowledge

 Managing Land Search Operations (MLSO) Basic Pre-Operations and Planning:

   – Operational Response

   – Management Issues for Base Operations – Post Search

 Managing Land Search Operations (MLSO) Advanced Operational Response (Carrying out the function of Search Planner)

 Lost Person Behavior

 Managing the Urban Missing Person Search

 Search Management Instructor Train-the-Trainer

 Track and Clue Awareness (TCA)

 Swift Water Rescue



Search management theory and practice

■Lost Person Behavior

■SAR theory and practice

■SAR team benchmarks


■SAR Legal issues

■Coordination between law enforcement and volunteer agencies

■Land navigation

■Track and clue awareness

■Signaling and the safe use of pyrotechnics

■Electronic signals: ELT, EPIRB, PLB

■OutdAoor skills for SAR personnel

■Clothing and equipment for outdoor activities

■Personal survival kits

■Team equipment

■Use of computers in SAR

■Social Media and the Internet in SAR

■Investigating the missing person case

■Law enforcement aviation units in support of search and rescue

■Aerial observer – fixed wing and helicopter

■Helicopter operations and personnel safety

■Swift Water Rescue

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