TAR IDEAL CONCEPTS has over 30 years of experience providing K9 solutions to HLS organisations, Military, Law Enforcement and Special units worldwide. We specialise in the establishment and modernisation of national-scale K9 units and divisions. Our K9 Division comprises of former-police and military K9 unit officers with years of operational field experience. Each project is customised to meet the clients’ specific operational requirements. Internationally recognised as a leading expert in the delievery of  end to end K9  project delivery, our solutions are designed to  ensure the continued success of your K9 unit.

TAR supplies all the necessary K9 equipment and protective gear required for  your handlers and dogs, from the establishment of K9 training facilities equipment and dog training TRAINING |  ESTABLISHING CANINE 


Working closely with each client, our K9 experts plan and design the optimal training facilities and kennels, that are fully compliant with international quality standards, operational and regulatory requirements. TAR supports the entire process of the K9 units’ set-up or refurbishment of existing facilities; from assessments, quality control and professional consulting to the provision all the necessary training equipment and protective gear for the handlers and dogs, based on your units operational requirements.


Our canine professionals’ source and handpick dogs, ensuring that there is a good match between the dog and its handler. 

We provide customised training programs that cover the specific mission requirements of the K9 unit. Trained by highly experienced handlers, the dogs undergo a strict qualification process to determine suitability. Only the most qualified dogs will become a part of the official Tactical K9 Unit.


TAR provides a holistic solution for explosive odour detection used by military, Bomb Disposal and S.W.A.T. Units. The dogs are handpicked and vetted to ensure that they “best of breed.” We choose intelligent dogs with an even temperament and a strong sense of smell.

Our comprehensive training program is designed to develop the skills of the handler and prepare the dogs in explosive odour detection. The dogs undergo rigorous training to develop their skills of explosives and homemade explosive scents and recognise the five categories of explosives. The dogs are trained to work in crowded, noisy environments, to track and detect suspicious odours on a moving target or in a hidden location. The dogs are trained to:

  • Display a passive response to indicate explosives by sitting/lying or in an active way of barking.
  • Detect explosive compounds, including ammunition and firearms (inc. people carrying explosives) on buses, trains, planes.
  • Display non – aggressive behaviour to strangers and behave passively in populated areas such as train stations, airports.


TAR provides an advanced Sniffing Detection course that meets international standards for handlers and dogs used by Law Enforcement and Special Units to locate narcotics.

The training ensures that both dog and handler can perform effectively in multiple environments and scenarios and part of the training includes real-world situations such as buildings, crowded public areas, or searching luggage, cargo and vehicles. The dogs learn to recognise the odour or actively seek out of a wide range of drugs such as Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, Hashish, regardless of quantity. Protecting their handler is an integral part of the training program. Should their handler come under attack, The program trains the dogs to defend their handler if attacked, with or without receiving a command.

  • Actively seek out drugs/drug remnants in all environments.
  • Indicate the presence of drugs such as Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, Hashish, regardless of quantity.
  • Search areas inaccessible to the handler or people.
  • Search trains, buses, aircraft, cars, trucks or in densely populated areas.
  • Ideal for Police SOF, Security teams, Customs, Government offices and Ports.


Our comprehensive track and search courses incorporate all aspects of training and methodologies for the handler and dog tracking for Search & Rescue Units or Law Enforcement agencies to detect or locate a missing person or suspect. Dogs have heightened senses, their hearing, sense of smell and their ability to see in the dark make them a valuable contribution to Search & Rescue teams. The dogs are trained to track or locating missing or injured people.

Time is of the essence when searching for people, especially in the face of a large-scale disaster; it can mean the difference between life or death.

The tracking dogs are taught to use their nose to detect and follow the scent trail or air scent of a human that is lost or trapped under rubble. 

Our  training program covers:

  • Assisting handlers in tracking missing persons, suspects or lost items.
  • Lengthy search missions
  • To follow a scent trail or air scent left by a person or animal in multiple terrains.
  • Use of a search subject with distraction.
  • Ideal for Law Enforcement, Security Teams, Police Detectives and Search & Rescue operations.


The course will prepare the student to conduct in-service training for police K-9 functions of trailing, evidence search, handler protection, criminal apprehension, building search. The training covers:

  • Obedience
  • Selection testing of prospective police dogs
  • Tactical deployment
  • Search and seizure procedures
  • Decoy techniques
  • Extensive hands-on training of dogs for patrol functions
  • Scent work and descrimination


TAR provides a holistic range of K9 security solutions integrating the latest equipment, training techniques and technologies. 

Our seasoned K9 security experts ensure that the handler and dog learn skill sets and methods to enhance security measures at large-scale events, airports, prisons and correction facilities, businesses and private residences.

  • Attack on Command – To identify a person within the search radius, or a dominant person (such as a hostage taker, terrorist or criminal) in a group of people.
  • Mark a target and protect their handler from any potential threat.
  • Ideal for Police and Military SOF, Border Control and sensitive Government offices.


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