police modernisation
country scaling concept

TAR’s country scaling concept enables countries to raise their position on the global ranking index, simultaneously guaranteeing safety and stability within the state and the government. We will help you to establish a robust national Law Enforcement body, building and developing the core capabilities to create a high-quality police force, equipped with the latest technologies, equipment and operational capabilities in accordance with international standards


As a city begins to stabilise, there will be an increased sense of security on the streets; civilians will gain a feeling of comfort in their homes and communities. A sense of public safety along with a steady drop in crime will allow the local economy to flourish, bringing about substantial improvements in infrastructures and new business opportunities. As tourism increases, local businesses will prosper creating more job opportunities as a result. Enhanced public safety and a thriving economy will significantly improve your chances of securing a high level of public approval, thus guaranteeing the stability and continuity of administration

Establishment of structure and hierarchy | Investigations & Intelligence Divisions Modernisation | Set up of Training Dept | Border Security Forces Modernisation | Forensics Division Modernisation | Emergency Services Modernisation | Traffic Division/Traffic Patrol Modernisation | Deputy Commissioner UnitsRiot Control Units Modernisation |  EOD (Bomb Disposal Unit) Modernisation | VIP Protection Units Modernisation and more.


  • Anti terror & Counter terror capabilities
  • Bomb disposal capabilities
  • Upgraded border control capabilities
  • Improved traffic management
  • A reduction in crime rate
  • Faster investigation resolution
  • No illegal riots
  • Decrease in violence

police organisational hierarchy & structure


The modernization of your police force will take in to account the evolving needs of the country and its population. Improvements to the crime prevention structure, police know-how, equipment and operational experience will allow the police force to upgrade their deterrence capabilities and in turn greatly reduce crime rate.

With over 30 years’ of experience in the HLS & defense market, our experts will accompany you throughout the entire process from planning the design and concept of infrastructures to establishing departments, procedures and methodologies. Once the project has been delivered, TAR IDEAL CONCEPTS will provide post-delivery services including advanced training, management support, and consultation, ensuring the ongoing success of your police force.


The operations division is the professional branch responsible for building the policing and operations forces. It is responsible for allocating and coordinating personnel at a national level for emergency situations, these forces are integrated into internal security units.


The Traffic Division is responsible for enforcing and regulating traffic laws, creating doctrines and procedures for both the traffic network and traffic officers in order to reduce road accidents and adjust police presence during heavy traffic or special events.

The Traffic Division is responsible for enforcing and regulating traffic laws, creating doctrines and procedures for both the traffic network and traffic officers in order to reduce road accidents and adjust police presence during heavy traffic or special events.


As technologies rapidly evolve modern policing is becoming more and more reliant on cyber and counter-terrorism techniques and technologies. With over 30 years experience working with polices forces worldwide, our experts have an in-depth understanding of operational requirements. We will help to establish a professional intelligence and investigative division; integrating the latest technologies, and solutions for communication, interception, intelligence gathering and analysis to create a broad intelligence perspective and facilitate collaboration between the different agencies.


Border Police or Gendarmerie are the paramilitary bodies that assist the police in assignments requiring aid from the civilian populations.

In a world where HLS issues are constantly evolving, threats to public security often require military capabilities. Many police organizations worldwide accept assistance from paramilitary bodies responsible for handling issues requiring capabilities that are not part of the classical police force’s capabilities. These types of incidents include: large-scale public disturbances with violent characteristics (to the point of using firearms), continued fighting against terrorist threats, illegal immigration, and a large variety of other threats to civilian life). We provide the latest technologies, intelligence based tools and operational know-how to help you maintain a strong force.

eod division


On a national-scale the EOD Division otherwise known as the Bomb Squad. On a national level, the Bomb Squad Division is responsible for building a network of professional units that are fully equipped and trained to deal with bombing incidents. They are in charge of procurement, formulating doctrines and procedures that guide and coordinate the units in cases of bombing incidents or bomb threats. 


TAR will provide your EOD Department with  the necessary tools and equipment that ensure your units are prepared to deal with all aspects of explosive ordance disposal.


EOD Vehicles  |  EOD Robots  | Mini Robots  |  Surveillance Robots  |  Neutralisation Equipment  |  Telescopic Manipulators  |  Protective Clothing  |  Explosive Detectors  |  Training and more



Throughout the 20th century, anti-govenment protests have led to the deaths of civilians and in some cases to a change in regime.


ln order to prevent a riot esculating, Law Enforcement agencies need to be equipped and trained with the latest equipment and methods that enable them to disperse riots quickly and effectively, uing non-­lethal methods that minimise lose of life or political repurcussions.

We will integrate the latest systems and products ensuring that your special units are equipped with the most up to date methods to deal with any major event or public unrest. 



The Forensic Department provides forensics services to police and security agencies, including the collection of forensic evidence from crime scenes, examining it in forensic laboratories and preparing expert opinions and examination reports to be submitted to the courts.

Whether establishing a forensics department or simply modernising an existing unit, we will integrate the lastest advancements and methodolgies in the field of forensics, ensuring that your investigators are equipped to gather evidence and conduct a successful investigation.

Equipment  |  Personal equipment and clothing  |  Digital Forensic Stations |  Self contained evidence collection vehicles  |  Drone data extraction systems |  Drone data extraction systems  |  Evidence collection kits  |  Training and more

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