Working with experienced design engineers, TAR provides a comprehensive range of solutions for field hospitals, mobile hospitals and clinics to support medical organisations and hospitals. Working together with experienced design engineers, we develop customised solutions, integrating advanced technologies and equipment to meet your specific operational requirements, budgetary and time constraints.

During an emergency when time is of the essence, we offer rapid solutions that functions as a normal hospital according to a standard configuration of 30/50 beds. Customised sizes are available according to your operational needs. The main structure comprises of ISO containers, tents or inflatable structures.


TAR offers a wide range of bespoke, mobile clinics and equipment that can are easily transported and rapidly deployed.

The mobile hospitals can include:

1 operating room, 1 ICU, triage, clinic and laboratory and imaging systems, including a total of 5 independent mobile hospital units.


Our outpatient clinics provide a fully equipped mobile facility which includes:

Reception area for patients

Treatment and stabilization

Diagnostics and treatment

Mobile Dental Clinics

The mobile dental clinic comprises of three examination rooms, x-ray and observation room, providing a complete dental services:

  • Fully customisable
  • Equipped for outpatient care
  • Compact and designed for rapid transportation and set up
  • Can be set up on a truck or trailer, on the ground or on a ship or barge
  • Medical equipment is protected during shipping and set-up with a containerised solution

Mobile Polyclinic & Mobile Operating Theatre

The fully independent, mobile polyclinic is built on wheels and includes a recovery room with four beds and additional units to support the mobile operating rooms. Built to withstand all conditions, the unit is designed for rapid deployment

Mobile Intensive Care Units

Designed for emergency situations as an additional support system for hospitals, the mobile intensive care unit contains 8 bunk bed units, and microbiology laboratories. Built on a durable chassis, with a hydraulic system to facilitate expansion, the unit includes a power generator and alarm system.

Mobile Field Hospital Operating Facilities:

Our mobile operating facilities provide an operational area of 24 square meters. The operating room consists of 1 expandable container and an additional inflatable tent that is used as a triage for minor procedures. The modular solution is scalable, and can be expanded using a 20ft extendable container, inflatable and extreme conditions tent.


TAR offers modular, economical and durable health solutions by using prefabricated structures.

The prefab hospitals are easy to install and aesthetic and contain all the related facilities and services according to your specification. Robust and well isolated, our prefabricated structures are resistant to earthquakes and other harsh environments.

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