Surveillance & Intelligence Vehicle 1
The need to monitor and manage threats in real-time and execute lowprofile intelligence missions in a dense urban environment requires direct access to the area of interest.
The ability to rapidly deploy an innocent-looking but fully equipped operational intelligence platform provides a distinct tactical control advantage to decision-makers and commanders. Whether it is a planned mission or an immediate response to an evolving event, the ability to arrive and deploy quickly, assimilate into the environment and set surveillance measures in action is of paramount importance. TAR offers a customised, multi-purpose surveillance vehicle designed for diverse missions and scenarios for law enforcement and intelligence agencies. We incorporate multiple sensors, interception systems, communication tools, aerial surveillance and analytics technology, providing our customers with real-time actionable intelligence, improved multi-agency collaboration and enhanced operational capacity and flexibility.
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Surveillance & Intelligence Vehicle 2
Surveillance & Intelligence Vehicle 3
Concealed, fixed or fast-deployed land and aerial sensors for VISINT, SIGINT and OSINT, acoustic sensors, LPR, wearable sensors and more.
Surveillance & Intelligence Vehicle 4
Based on Big Data intelligence and analytics platform which collects, integrates, and analyses structured and unstructured data from sensors, databases and open sources. The data is transformsed into actionable insights which, enable decision-makers to mitigate risks, prioritise tasks, optimise resources and make informed decisions in real-time.
Surveillance & Intelligence Vehicle 5
Surveillance & Intelligence Vehicle 4

Interception Systems – Vehicle-mounted Wi-Fi & cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) interception and direction-finding systems.

Jamming Equipment – Modular design covering a wide range of frequency

Cellular Geo Location – Real-time and independent location finding and tracking of cellular

Surveillance & Intelligence Vehicle 7
Optimized solution architecture
Surveillance & Intelligence Vehicle 8
Training and Methodology

TAR’s bespoke security solutions are field-proven, innovative and cost-effective. We continuously collaborate with our customers to deliver up-to-date protection, ensuring the uninterrupted continuation of daily life so that they can grow and prosper.

Surveillance & Intelligence Vehicle 9
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