In September 2018, ninety elephant carcasses were spotted by an aerial survey conducted by a wildlife preservation organization in Botswana. Botswana has the largest elephant population of any country in Africa at approximately 135,000 and, unlike of neighboring Angola and Zambia, where the local elephant population has reached a level of no return, it has hitherto been known for its strict poaching restrictions.

Urgent Need to Protect Endangered Species

TAR’s Solution to Poaching

AR Ideal offers wildlife preservation and local security agencies an integrated solution to the poaching threat. The two-pronged system involves around-the-clock surveillance with the help of the Aerostat System “smart balloon” which sends intelligence reports back to TAR’s Mobile Command and Control Vehicle. This rugged 4X4 Sprinter Van features a high-performance X-band ground surveillance radar and tracking system capable of detecting suspects and intercepting their communications within a wide radius. It serves as a command center operating within close proximity to nature reserves and other wild life habitats.

Once poachers are spotted, a rapid deployment unit is dispensed to the location of the incident. It takes this unit only 30 minutes to achieve full situational preparedness.


What are the challenges of hybrid warfare?

A whole new ballgame has emerged with the decline of conventional wars There was a time when armies of similar sizes and technology fought on a battlefield, with larger-than-life combat scenes as seen in movies. There was nothing comparable to this stomach-churning military drama. It is ingrained in our collective

In the 21st century, how do you win a battle?

“One of our biggest goals is enabling soldiers to operate in a data-driven environment. The key to outmatching the opponent is advanced situational awareness”, says Yaron Sitbon in a fascinating interview   “My experience as a veteran also allows me to be a forward thinker”, Yaron Sitbon says about himself.

Military metaverse revolution has begun

In what ways will it change the battlefield of the future? By establishing a military metaverse, military planners can simulate tactical and operational combat approaches guided by AI. In a digital environment, these plans would provide military planners with critical insights and valuable study materials by integrating experiential tools, techniques,

The future soldier is here

Just a few years ago, this seemed like science fiction In 2014, a sci-fi movie was released, titled “Edge of Tomorrow,” starring Tom Cruise as a US Army major with no prior combat experience. He finds himself amid a conflict with aliens that arrived to Germany via an asteroid and