On Oct. 27th, Cameroon police arrested dozens of protestors demonstrating against the re-election of incumbent president Paul Biya. The rally was attended by hundreds of locals calling for Biya’s 36-year reign to come to an end. Previous years have seen an upsurge in anti-government sentiment with the current regime often resorting to severe methods to quell opposition.

TAR Ideal understands the importance of managing situations like this using Non-Lethal Riot Control Solutions. These advanced technological solutions allow police to disperse crowds without hurting or killing protestors, thus preventing additional animosity. As a result, authorities are able to avert seemingly insignificant protests from gaining popular support and ousting the governing administration. TAR’s integrated solutions range from customized crowd control vehicles and communication devices to the latest cyber technologies.

Cyber Intelligence – top crowd control solutions

The C-Ghost Surveillance & Intelligence SIV combines an array of  innovative intelligence-gathering capabilities. It allows Law Enforcement personnel to detect the most hostile elements within a crowd, collect their personal data and identify their location, ensuring they aren’t able to further exacerbate the situation.

The vehicle, itself, can be parked at a safe distance from the ongoing disturbance, ensuring the safety of the team. This innovative solution enables in-the-field units to monitor public events and deliver a non-violent response at sports venues, concerts, and mass demonstrations.

Additional features

The interior seating, subsystem housings, and accessory compartments are tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Quality control is implemented for each phase of the design, construction, and integration processes to ensure that all customer specifications are implemented in full.


Almost any unauthorized protest with a considerable amount of people has the capacity to quickly escalate into larger uprisings as clearly demonstrated in the case of the rioting in Cameroon. The SKUNK Anti-Riot solution is a smart biological innovation, offering a very concentrated odor repellent released from a Riot Control Vehicle.

The substance is a 100% harmless, natural, and completely non-toxic liquid spray, that, with the viscosity of water, can be sprayed over a large area using a standard water cannon. The overpowering odor drives –and keeps rioters away, effectively shutting down an escalating riot.

In addition, it is the most cost-effective solution for Law Enforcement agencies concerned about keeping down budgetary expenses. Deployment of odor repellent is far less costly than any special riot control equipment or compliance weapon alternatives. Its use guarantees a substantial reduction in manpower expenses, as a lower amount of police officers can quickly and effectively restore order in large areas.

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