Today, the threat of explosive ordnance devices has become widespread, causing an immense challenge to Law Enforcement, Military and Bomb Disposal Units tasked with protecting civilians and swiftly disposing of national security threats with a minimal risk to human life.

Over the years TAR has delivered EOD projects across the globe. From South America, Asia, and Europe TAR has undertaken to integrate, equipping training and providing EOD units with knowledge and capabilities for mine disposal and explosive clearance.

Our added value lies in our flexibility and expertise when it comes to integrating multiple platforms and systems to ensure our clients the most advanced vehicles at the best price.

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TAR’S vehicle engineers work with a range of chassis in accordance with your service and maintenance requirements. Our customized EOD vehicles are fitted with advanced technologies and equipment ensuring the safety and success of each mission ranging from bomb disposal equipment, protective clothing, and X-ray inspection devices, to Hazmat response equipment, demolition detectors, bomb locators and a variety of specialized EOD tools.

This past month we secured a tender to sell our EOD system to a Southeast Asia client. The solution incorporates an extensive list of equipment and tactical tools intended for all aspects of the explosive ordnance disposal process including EOD vehicles, bomb-containment vessels, EOD robots, radiation detectors, protective clothing, mine and explosive detectors, and other features.

This will provide local Law Enforcement units a higher level of safety during public safety operations.


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