TAR is a leading technology integrator developing proactive public safety and security solutions to detect, mitigate, and prevent air, land, or sea threats for governments, HLS & intelligence agencies and first responders.

Client-oriented and with a strong global presence in over 80 countries, we provide comprehensive solutions, from threat analysis, through solution architecture and R&D, to integration, implementation, and training. We deliver leading-edge technologies and systems to ensure public safety and national security by leveraging the group’s in-house technologies, the ingenuity of industry experts and the R&D team.
We at TAR are facing the future with a purpose: to provide the next generations with endless opportunities to thrive and a real chance for a high quality of life through a sense of safety in the ever-changing world. We take an active approach by designing solutions that ensure resiliency, continuity and sustainability of people, communities, and nations.
The Team
Hadar Szpiro
TAR ideal concepts - CEO
Shay Akiva
Chief Business Officer
Hagay Abramovich
Director of International Procurement & Operations
Ronen Hagag
Ronen Hagag
Head of Navy Department
Yaron Sitbon
Head of Land Domain
Yuval Peissakhovitch
Chief Technology Officer
Hadar Sommer@2x
Hadar Sommer
Director of Domestic Procurement & Operations
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Intelligent mobile border control systems combined with fixed protection posts provide a flexible and dynamic approach to border security, offering maximum security in areas where physical barriers are not possible or preferred.   Border security is a crucial issue in many countries, particularly those with porous or disputed borders. While

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AI technology will enhance border security, improve efficiency, and streamline operations   Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising border protection. Over the past few years, many countries have invested heavily in AI technology to enhance border security, improve efficiency, and streamline operations. Enhancing border surveillance is one of the ways AI

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When a country cannot protect its EEZ, it quickly loses control over its maritime assets What is the EEZ? As prescribed by the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, there is an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the ocean where a sovereign state has special rights