TAR is a leading technology integrator developing proactive public safety and security solutions to detect, mitigate, and prevent air, land, or sea threats for governments, HLS & intelligence agencies and first responders.

Client-oriented and with a strong global presence in over 80 countries, we provide comprehensive solutions, from threat analysis, through solution architecture and R&D, to integration, implementation, and training. We deliver leading-edge technologies and systems to ensure public safety and national security by leveraging the group’s in-house technologies, the ingenuity of industry experts and the R&D team.
We at TAR are facing the future with a purpose: to provide the next generations with endless opportunities to thrive and a real chance for a high quality of life through a sense of safety in the ever-changing world. We take an active approach by designing solutions that ensure resiliency, continuity and sustainability of people, communities, and nations.
The Team
Hadar Szpiro
TAR ideal concepts - CEO
Shay Akiva
Chief Business Officer
Hagay Abramovich
Director of International Procurement & Operations
Ronen Hagag
Ronen Hagag
Head of Navy Department
Yaron Sitbon
Head of Land Domain
Yuval Peissakhovitch
Chief Technology Officer
Hadar Sommer@2x
Hadar Sommer
Director of Domestic Procurement & Operations
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What are the challenges of hybrid warfare?

A whole new ballgame has emerged with the decline of conventional wars There was a time when armies of similar sizes and technology fought on a battlefield, with larger-than-life combat scenes as seen in movies. There was nothing comparable to this stomach-churning military drama. It is ingrained in our collective

In the 21st century, how do you win a battle?

“One of our biggest goals is enabling soldiers to operate in a data-driven environment. The key to outmatching the opponent is advanced situational awareness”, says Yaron Sitbon in a fascinating interview   “My experience as a veteran also allows me to be a forward thinker”, Yaron Sitbon says about himself.

Military metaverse revolution has begun

In what ways will it change the battlefield of the future? By establishing a military metaverse, military planners can simulate tactical and operational combat approaches guided by AI. In a digital environment, these plans would provide military planners with critical insights and valuable study materials by integrating experiential tools, techniques,

The future soldier is here

Just a few years ago, this seemed like science fiction In 2014, a sci-fi movie was released, titled “Edge of Tomorrow,” starring Tom Cruise as a US Army major with no prior combat experience. He finds himself amid a conflict with aliens that arrived to Germany via an asteroid and