Satellite Communication (Mil SATCOM) technologies are essential in modern tactical warfare. Field-proven Mil SATCOM solutions are deployed across various defence applications, including military aircraft, vessels, vehicles and portable devices.

TAR specializes in providing satellite-based communication solutions, featuring wide bandwidth and communication access from any location worldwide, even in places with no communication infrastructure. The main advantage of such leading technology is maintaining secure and uninterrupted satellite communication from any point on Earth.
TAR’s airborne communication systems include a wide range of communication Solutions such as SATCOM, SOTM and IFC; NGSO (MEO and GEO) based and LEO-based solutions (such as Iridium and Globalstar
● Standard L Band, Ku, Ka and V bands.
● Modem Agnostic.
● Extreme Conditions Operation with Active Cooling.
● Complete onboard 6DOF IMU.
● Low profile and portable.
● Built-in Encryption within Communication Protocols.
TAR’s unique system can provide continuous satellite communication from aircraft, with a low latency innovative transmission protocol enabling secure satellite communication with the aircraft.

Typically, satellite communications require the operator to aim the antenna upon the satellite; TAR’s aircraft system allows for a continuous unbroken link to any satellite, utilising automatic tracking adjustment and uninterrupted connectivity with satellites’ almanac data.
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