From a stand-alone to hierarchical array, from a single authority to multi-agency platform, and from local to national.

TAR’s C4I is based on a Big Data intelligence and analytics platform that collects, integrates, and analyses structured and unstructured data from sensors, data bases open sources and more, and transform it into actionable insights, which helps decision-makers mitigate risks, take informed decisions and optimize resources.
Robust, scalable, and easy-to-use intelligence platforms that collect, integrate, and analyse structured and unstructured data from sensors, databases, and open sources, transforming it into actionable insights for the command-and-control room and the forces on the ground.
Manages the entire threat lifecycle, providing actionable, real-time insights to enable early detection, immediate response, and fast recovery from cyber attacks.

TAR’s C4I platform gathers information from diverse sources; it is easily integrated with local and external databases, works hierarchically with several operational echelons, interfacing and tying together all sub-systems, combining Big Data Analytics for more accurate task-oriented insights.
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